Quick Post – Blog Re-Brand

BeachLife. Balm & Blyss

It has been close to a year since I posted on the blog, and if you haven’t already noticed…I have made the decision to re-brand from TheGlowDown to Balm & Blyss – blog design makeover coming soon!

In the meantime, this is just a really quick post to get the blogger ball rolling again.

Recently something within my life has genuinely made me take a look at my own values and outlook, and what it is I genuinely want from life.

A quote that I have seen this week has kinda struck home with me that I thought would be cool to share…

“It’s not about wanting to escape life, but not allowing life to escape us”

This feels so true to my mindset at the moment! So in keeping with the quote, let’s see where life takes us!


ps. photo credit to my brother who took this amazing picture of the harbour in my hometown!

Save your Skin. Save the Sea.

Save The Sea Campaign

FOREO is a brand that has been on my radar for years, and recently I was so sooo lucky to receive their LUNA mini Save the Sea – and my skin has been pretty peachy ever since.

If you didn’t know already, FOREO are a Swedish brand that create innovative products that are seriously at the forefront in the world of skincare & oral health. What makes them different – and has always attracted me to the brand and their products, is the fact that they don’t use the conventional bristle brushes (silicone = way more hygienic) and that it is eco friendly – there’s no need to keep replacing ‘brush heads.’

So what is the LUNA mini Save the Sea campaign? Basically the guys at FOREO created a product that help give back to the environment – net proceeds from each sale of the special edition LUNA mini are donated to two different ocean conservation charities.

So aside from the fact that the LUNA mini and the team at FOREO are total stars when it comes to creating a product that gives back to the planet, the LUNA mini itself deserves all recognition it receives and more for a product that truly makes a difference to your skin.

Basically – FOREO LUNA mini > all skincare expectations. There are so many benefits and positives about the LUNA mini, that in true TheGlowDown fashion, I thought I would create a lil list for you guys…





 ? It takes only 1 hour to charge, and can last for up to 300 uses!!

? It buzzes at 15 second intervals so you know when to change up which area of your face you are cleansing

? It is super easy to keep clean, and waterproof – I use mine in the shower for ease!

 ? It’s super compact and portable

 ? I am in love with the Save the Sea design – skincare that is functional, charitable anddd has a cute design – erm yes please!

 ? My skin felt soft and more plump after the first few uses. Seriously. No word of a lie, I had to get my sister in on this because it’s kinda crazy how plumped and supple my skin now feels!

 ? My skincare products and make-up go on a lot more smoothly

If there ever was a list of reasons why you should have the FOREO LUNA mini in your life, I’m pretty sure I have got it covered! The LUNA mini is as an absolute skincare staple, and not only that – but I love that FOREO are a brand that are also passionate about global matters – a brand and message that’s worth investing in.

TheGlowDown xx


100th TheGlowDown Post!!

100th post

So I always kinda envisioned my 100th post to be something spectacular but now it’s here and I feel like it’s more fitting to just sort of say thank-you in a simple way.

I aren’t someone who likes to be over the top anyway, and with my new simple approach and mindset to life I feel this way is pretty perfect and fitting.

I absolutely love writing TheGlowDown blog and even when my posts can become a little sporadic, I am always thinking about what I can come up with next for my blog. It has served as an outlet for me in so many different ways, and is starting to open doors for me that I hadn’t even thought possible, so I want to say a huge and sincere thank-you to anyone and everyone who takes time to read my posts and support me/believe in me.

I have always been shy about promoting myself as a brand and as the blog TheGlowDown, but I do take pride in how I have grown from my earlier days of blogging, and hope that somewhere along the way I have shared some inspiration to you guys out there!

So this is it really for my 100th post – just trying to keep it simple here in a world full of crazy/fun/madness – but I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What is on my mind..


I wanted to do a quick post here on TheGlowDown on how I feel my general outlook in life has changed over the past few months – and for the better. In a nutshell, I feel more calm, relaxed and positive about my future but mainly where I am right now in life.

I feel like time is far too precious to not go after what you want or to fret about outcomes that you can’t control or affect. I feel like too often we can get caught up in the small things (which can be totally understandable) but it’s about learning to let them go.

I am a believer in working hard and creating your own path in life, and in creating that journey, reflecting your personal attitude is key. And sure there will be the odd bump in the road but it’s the learning to accept, respond and move on that strengthens and reinforces your purpose.

And on one last note – I want anybody out there to know that giving in to negativity that may present itself to you in life is not weakness. Strive to do good and be passionate about what you believe in. Chanel your energy in to the life and surroundings you deserve – true happiness to me lies within being content within yourself in each and every moment.

TheGlowDown xx

Summertime & Scented Pieces


So I know that it has technically been summertime for a while now (almost not believable here in the UK!) and we are nearly 3/4 of the way through another year, but I can’t help but feel summery and slightly smug as I head on a lil vacay on Monday!

Me and my best friend from Uni are heading to Montpellier for some summertime funtime! I am so excited as I have never been to the south of France before – and I am love with French culture and the language, and Montpellier looks so picturesque and full of historic buildings. Fyi this is the first time I’ve traveled with only a carry on luggage allowance – wish me luck!! There will definitely be a Montpellier post coming post vacay on TheGlowDown – so stay tuned!

On a different note, I’ve made a couple of purchases lately (and a couple of unsuccessful holiday purchases booo) that are home related/scented pieces. The first is a green fig room spray from Marks & Spencer that smells divine, and the sea salt scent candle from The White Company. I love the ambiance a candle creates but usually on a morning a candle isn’t so practical – so I quickly grab my room spray and give it a spritz!

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, it felt so good setting my out of office on Friday! I spent the weekend at Sea Fest – a local seaside festival (duh) and grabbing last minute pieces for my holiday.

Scented Pieces

[The White Company Sea Salt Candle & M&S Green Fig Room Spray]

Montpellier Essentials

[ Montpellier Essentials]

TheGlowDown xx

p.s. if anyone has any tips on amazing places to eat and drink, or must visit places in Montpellier please let me know below!



# Lately I’ve Been…

Lately I've Been

Okay lately I’ve been kinda off the blogging radar at TheGlowDown, and so in true list-loving-style here’s a quick-fire round up of what I have been doing lately…

♡ Watching Pretty Little Liars

♡ Work

♡ Gym

♡ Experimenting with raw vegan recipes

♡ Living Raw Til 4

♡ Badminton & tennis

♡ Dreaming of holidays to France – and now actually booked one eek!

♡ Picking up learning French again

♡ Weekend spent in Harrogate

♡ Getting passionate about things that matter to me

♡ Weekend trip to London

♡ Catching up on some reading

….Annnd phew! So many things to catch up on and lots more to come. I actually love writing recent things style blog posts on TheGlowDown (just thought I would spice it up with the ‘lately I’ve been’ title) so please let me know wht you guys have been up to lately too!




Bedside Stylin’

Oooo I am totally loving home interiors & home styling – I have so many ideas I think I really oughta make a career out of it!! >>>New direction for TheGlowDown?! We’ll see!

My latest little style piece/life saver comes in the form of a wooden tray. Yep a wooden tray – pretty bae-sic. But it’s totally transformed my bedside table organisation…like literally everything feels so much more in place, its kinda crazy!

After spending hours looking through plenty of Instagram posts and pages on home interior design & home styling, I decided to have a shop around online for some bits and pieces – most have which have made it to my desk at work!! But this little tray caught my eye on HM.com which has ended up on my bedside table and I have never looked back.

Bedside Stylin 1Bedside Stylin 2

 Bedside Stylin 3 Bedside Stylin 4

Okay so the last pic isn’t of my bedside stylin’ tray but I have just started my Victoria’s Secret body mists that I got for Christmas – and thought how pretty they look on my OTHER bed side table!

So what do you guys think of TheGlowDown bedside stylin’ revelation?! Trust me – it’s the next big home styling thing…watch this space!!

Recent Things with TheGlowDown

Positive Vibes

Another week is nearly over – seriously still living for the weekends here at TheGlowDown!!

So I thought I would share some recent things/bits/pics from the long weekend which mainly involved food, and a day out with the girls – we decided to go somewhere different for a change and I definitely appreciated it! And I love these kinda lifestyle posts, I find so much inspiration from other lifestyle blogs and definitely want to create that kinda vibe here on TheGlowDown!

Also this week I have really started to feel as though I’m getting more organised, I still want to invest in a really sturdy, good quality diary so if you guys have any recommendations let me know – I love writing things down I’ve never really used my phone as an organizer – only for the odd note or too! I’ve definitely been making lists here there and everywhere (not so organised right…) of my daily to do’s, health food shopping lists and a few lil payday treats!

Anywayssss I hope you have all had a lovely week – I’ve finally started reading The Secret and definitely feel more aware of my thoughts and the kind of vibes I give off on a more subconscious kinda level. I think I’m gonna really love the book, I think it has something that everyone can take from it and apply to their own lifestyle – even if you don’t agree with it all. I think it’s definitely worthy of a blog post when I’m done reading it so keep tuned! xx

Banana Pancakes

[The most beautiful banana pancakes ever. Made by me!]

Girls in Whitby

[Me & my beautiful friends in Whitby]

Me & Jordan

[Me & Jordan]

Georgia & me & Rosie

[Georgia & Me & Rosie]

Bread Loaf 1

[Homemade bread – made by my brother]

Bread Loaf 2

[…because 1 piccie doesn’t do it justice!!]

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats1

Blueberries are one of my favourite fruits and actually one of the healthiest too! So when I stumbled across a post on Facebook about making some healthy blueberry & yogurt treats I couldn’t resist!

This recipe – which is so simple you can barely even call it a recipe! Calls for just two ingredients: blueberries (duh) and fat free greek yoghurt – simple recipes = totally approved of at TheGlowDown!

Blueberry & Yoghurt Treats Prep

Blueberry & Yogurt Treats Prep2

Healthy Blueberry & Yogurt Treats

>> Using cocktail sticks, dip your blueberries in to your fat free greek yohurt – making sure to coat they am evenly as possible.

>> Place on a tray lined with baking parchment.

>> Once you have filled your tray/used up your blueberries, place the tray in the freezer and leave for 2 hours

>> After 2 hours you can take the tray out of the freezer, and place your blueberry & yoghurt treats in a sealable bag or container

>> Enjoy!!

I kept mine in a freezer bag for ease, and reach for them usually once I’m home from work and feeling a lil peckish before tea or before I head to the gym. They are pretty cold to eat straight from the freezer (…) so I like to take them out of the freezer and leave on the counter side for 5 mins if I can. They almost taste ice-cream-like! I definitely think I’m going to try these with raspberries and strawberries next!

So let me know if you guys try these healthy blueberry & yogurt treats or have other healthy recipes & ideas for me to try!! I’ve definitely got a couple more healthy food ideas coming up on TheGlowDown over the next couple of weeks so make sure to keep checking!

I hope everyone has a lovely long weekend xx

May Must Haves: Home Edition

Hold the phone (is that the right saying?!) how are we are halfway through May already?! I think I’ve mentioned before that May is a funny month for me, it always brings back memories of school/college/uni when it was deadline/exam time. Yuck. Let’s not go there. But we are one step closer to the summer months!!

And lately I have become a little obsessed with home interiors and design and have been dreaming up the perfect wishlist of decor, colours and styles for when I decorate my own place (one day!) I feel like my taste in interiors has definitely changed recently – and definitely for the better! I would probably say that it has evolved as my own personal taste has changed and I guess I have matured (a little!) over the past year or so to bring me to this kinda style state of mind.

So once again, I have taken the effort out of shopping around and created a collage/moodboard of perfect home interior accessories!

Home Accessories

XOXO print

Industrial lamp shade

Zig zag cushion

‘Z’ Alphabet mug

Tripod stand lamp


Seychelles room spray

Seagrass basket

Grey knit throw

Really loving white and grey tones with a hint of metallics – clean finishes but complimented with natural materials. Again this kinda Nordic/Swedish inspiration that I did a post on before with a few room inspiration pics! Also I have a board on Pinterest (clearly it has more pins than any other board on my page!) that is dedicated to my new fave thing  – home interiors and design!! Seriously considering looking in to a career in it!

I’ve also slowly started to build up styling pieces for my desk at work and adding lil bits here and there to make it more personalised! I’m seriously loving H&M for their home pieces – I am going to do an upcoming post on my bedside organisation and my desk workspace so watch this space!!

Ooo also on a completely (or not so) un-related note, I have created a new e-mail account for TheGlowDown Blog! (Erm why didn’t I do this sooner?!) It’s zoe@theglowdown.com so feel free to get in touch! Also keep up to date and follow TheGlowDown Blog on Facebook and Twitter – as always I love hearing what you have to say and keeping up to date with things via social media!

This week has zoomed past and I’m looking forward to some well over due retail therapy, hope evryone has a lovely weekend! xx

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